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How to make your own protein water

At the risk of stating the obvious, protein water is created when you combine protein with, you guessed it, water. Okay, there is a little more to this than the obvious which is why we are writing this article to begin with.

You would have no doubt seen the myriad of available protein waters in your local supermarkets - most of these have been made using whey protein isolate (from dairy). The challenge with these protein waters is they won't be suitable for those who are dairy intolerant or if you are watching the calories.

Why do you need protein water

If you are highly active, exercise regularly or engage in resistance training, then we're sure you're already supplementing with protein to increase muscle recovery and growth. When you engage in these types of exercises, you also sweat so it's a good idea to increase your water intake.

You can combine the two tasks, but you need to ensure that the liquid is light enough so that it does not impact your training. There are other scenarios where protein water is required. For example, some post surgery diets require high protein, such as weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery. 

What makes a good protein water

Generally speaking, the lighter the better, which in our opinion already excludes most dairy based protein powders. Our choice here would be collagen or a plant based protein. The main reason being that it doesn’t thicken up when liquid is added. You have to remember that whey protein is a dried milk so when you re-hydrate it, it will be milky. 

Fast absorbing protein is also key to what makes a good protein. High bio availability is defined by the rate which the body is able to absorb and take in the nutrients. In this case, you want the body to absorb more of the protein so that you can gain the desired benefits.

Types of protein powders

Here we will focus on why we have selected these protein powders as great choices for protein water. 

Collagen protein

This is our first choice because it’s so light, tasteless and has the highest percentage of protein per serve. You have many choices available for your to choose which collagen you are after however we recommend either a plain collagen like Peptipro Hydrolysate or of course if you want a great tasting collagen protein you can not go past P92 Peanut and Collagen Protein.

In Peptipro's Collagen hydrate, added to the collagen is a slight hint of berry, coconut water for hydration and is fortified with L-Glutamine and L-Lysine. This type of protein water gives you the boost of protein but also hydrates you at the same time. This is also one of the favourite choices for those that have undergone weight loss surgery.

Plant based protein

There has been an increased demand and interest for plant based protein, fuelled somewhat by the movie "The Game Changers" but also due to the busted myth that plant proteins do not have the same benefit as meat based proteins.

When looking for the best plant based protein to mix with water, you can't go past fermented and sprouted plant proteins as they have already been somewhat broken down, making them easy to mix with water as well as being easy to digest. You can also mix these proteins with plant milk. The note to take here is to remember that most plant or nut milks such as almond milk are in fact 90% water anyway so you are technically mixing the protein with majority water anyway - just under the disguise of the label "milk". 

The bottom line

If you want to increase your protein intake, you can not go past the ease, cost effectiveness of making your own protein water at home using a protein powder made with highest quality ingredients, giving you the much needed amino acids for muscle protein synthesis.

Our top picks for protein water

Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate

P92 Peanut Collagen Protein

Peptipro Hydration

P92 Lean Plant Protein