Emerging Fitness Trends in the Fitness Industry 2020

Taking a look at what's hot in the market

Do you own an Apple Watch? Fitbit? Garmin? Do you measure your fitness levels frequently?

Do you train at F45? Go to a weekly Spin Class? Love indoor cycling, core training, dance workouts. Step class?

Do you have a gym buddy you regularly train with? Are you part of a running club? Do you have a fitness app you religiously follow? Are you following any fitness influencers on Instagram?

Do you have a daily routine? Have you created your own training program? Do you split your training sessions into cardio and weights? Have you heard about the benefits of yoga? Do you train with a personal trainer?

Are you on a detox diet? Know about Gut health? Have you tried to go Plant Based? Do you feel like you’re being judged every time you eat meat?

If you answered yes to more than 50% of the questions above, don’t worry, you’re just like the rest of us trying all the tricks in the book to get fit and healthy and also enjoy keeping up with some of the latest fitness trends.

Maybe you’ve tried every diet under the sun. Maybe you’ve switched up your fitness regime? Maybe you just enjoy long walks along the beach or early morning runs. Or maybe you’ve only just hopped onto the whole step count thing, calories counting, heart rate monitoring.

Or maybe you’re just starting now. Because what better time to start than the present right?

New year. New chapters. New beginnings. New decade. New era. Whatever it means to you. It’s just the start of something new.

Here at P92 we are keen to work with you on achieving you best ever self, living your best life ever!

Okay no promises, but we’re willing to give it a shot if you are too. Cut the BS. We don’t only mean your typical meal, exercise challenges. We’re talking lifestyle.

Stay tuned to hear about our P92 lifestyle habits we are going to work with you to achieve.

There will be P92 challenges and competitions you can participate in, leader boards and goals we’re going to make sure you’re kicking! AND, we’ll have some prizes for you too!

  • How many burpees can you do in 92 seconds?
  • 9.2km in record time?
  • 92 push ups?

Sound like something you can do? Come on. You know you can.

You game? LETS DO THIS.

So, to keep on trend, below are the top fitness trends we’re seeing emerging in 2020. Yes it’s almost everything you already know or are starting to see more of.

According to ACSM’s annual survey of worldwide fitness trends 2019, the highly emerging trends we will be seeing in 2020 include [1];

  • Wearable Technology
  • HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Group training
  • Training with free weights
  • Personal Training (PT)
  • Exercise is medicine
  • Body weight training
  • Fitness programs for older adults
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Exercise for weight loss
  • Functional fitness training
  • Outdoor activities
  • Yoga
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Circuit training
  • Worksite health promotion and workplace well-being programs
  • Outcome measurements
  • Children and exercise


[1] https://journals.lww.com/acsm-healthfitness/Fulltext/2019/11000/WORLDWIDE_SURVEY_OF_FITNESS_TRENDS_FOR_2020.6.aspx